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2 Turnkey Builds Available 2025

Build waiting list: we’re fully booked until April 2025. Our 2 next available slots are free from May 2025 – for 2 turnkey builds, 007 and 008. Need help deciding if you should be the next Carteroni 037 owner?

Turnkey Car – Base Spec

Pricing: NZD $400,000

Donor Montecarlo is not included in price

Your slice of Italian Group B which you don’t have to treat like glass: this car is built to be thrashed. As seen is our early development car 001, and our latest project, 005, a turnkey car is the easiest way to get your hands on an 037 that is built with detail, precision, and endurance at its core. Built ready to drive from delivery.

The following information details the attributes for a standard turnkey 037. Customer preferences and modifications can be made to these attributes at additional cost.


As per a Carteroni Rolling Chassis. See the Rolling Chassis build for more detailed information.

  • Group B spec 037 Chassis.
  • Restored Montecarlo donor cockpit with reinforcement for spaceframes.
  • Seamless steel tube spaceframes.
  • Rollcage.
  • Carteroni suspension package utilising Group B geometry.
  • 3 piece wheel set and high performance tyres.
  • Fully mounted panel set, with windshield, windows etc*

Interior Features

  • Inhouse aluminium dashboard and Corsa instrument cluster*
  • Deep dish Abarth steering wheel and hydraulic handbrake*
  • Racetech competition seats and 6 point harnesses.

*= As used in our development 037 chassis 001.

Running Gear/Electronics

  • Beta Volumex 8 valve motor, 200 horsepower (149kW) with a 5 speed gearbox.
  • A close ratio gear set and LSD are available at additional cost.
  • Fuel tanks are aluminium cell design.
  • Steering is through a custom shaft to a competition quick rack. The pedal box is a modified Montecarlo type with twin brake master cylinders with adjustable bias via balance bar.
  • The lights, wiring harness, and battery are as seen on 001, utilizing LEDs and incandescent bulbs.
  • Engine management system via Link.

Each turnkey car comes with a Motorsport New Zealand competition log book (Motorsport New Zealand is affiliated to the FIA.) Liveries can be added to the car at additional cost.

Turnkey car – Custom


The ultimate option for an 037 lover who has the scope for a personalised Carteroni 037.

With our custom turnkey option, your only limits are your imagination and budget.

Pricing is by application and totally subject to your requirements or vision. If your build requirements deviate at all from our base spec turnkey, please get in contact to discuss a custom build.


Panel Set

Full hand-laid fibreglass gel coat body panel set. As seen on our test car 001, our panels are built to last and have a weight comparable to European carbon kevlar sets, with much higher aesthetic quality. 

  • Cast from hand sculpted moulds inspired by the original designs, our panels,  unlike direct moulds from original cars, are blemish and defect free.
  • We are happy to work with different composite materials depending on your needs, however, this will incur added cost. 
  • Made using fire-retardant resin. We advise choosing a light gel coat colour to reduce panel warpage and extend their lifespan. Note- as these panels are gel coat, they don’t require painting.


Our chassis builds offer top end quality craftsmanship and a strong platform for the development of a customised turnkey car.

  • Fully fabricated Group B spec 037 Chassis. Based on a restored Montecarlo donor cockpit, kitted with reinforcement work to allow for spaceframe fitment.
  • Our spaceframes, as seen on 003, are lazer cut seamless steel tube, a material that gives long lasting performance.
  • Each chassis is fitted with a full rollcage made to suit your needs and the requirements of your national racing regulations.
  • If desired, we offer an inhouse Group B suspension package at extra cost.

Rolling Chassis

As in the Chassis build option, a Rolling Chassis includes the following:

  • Group B spec 037 Chassis.
  • Restored Montecarlo donor cockpit with reinforcement for spaceframes.
  • Seamless steel tube spaceframes.
  • Rollcage.

On top of the base Chassis specifications, a Carteroni Rolling Chassis comes equipped with:

  • Carteroni suspension package utilising Group B geometry.
  • Competition quick steering rack; 2.2 turns lock-to-lock.
  • A three piece wheel set and high performance tyres as used on our development 037, 001, or those of your preference.
  • To finish the rolling chassis we add a fully mounted panel set in the colour of your choosing (excluding dark colours.)
  • A fitted dashboard can be added at extra cost.