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From Rally Mechanic to 037 Engineer: Allan Carter

Allan’s love for solving mechanical problems quickly took him from young BMW apprentice to seasoned rally crew member in a matter of years. After gaining his advanced trade cert, Allan arrived in England, where he worked for Hexagon and Williams BMW, tuning his skills and further developing his talent within one of Europe’s most revered car manufacturers. However, it wasn’t until his return to NZ that Allan discovered his passion for the extremely exciting and challenging rally world.

International Experience

For the next 3 years, Allan crewed for privateer rally teams both nationally and internationally. Spanning the Asia Pacific Rally Series, from rural China, to the Thai border, and the Malaysian jungle, Allan continued to hone his craft in the extreme pressures of international rallying. Allan found that he thrived, working in an environment where intelligent decisions and spotless work was mandatory. Despite appealing offers from Toyota’s WRC division, Allan knew he had more to explore in the automotive world. He returned to NZ, and Carteroni was founded.

The Lancia Connection

In a turn of fate, it wasn’t rallying that brought Allan to Lancia, but rather Formula One. Back home, Allan began work at Wilson Motors, founded by Bruce Wilson, head mechanic for F1 winner Chris Amon. The two struck up a friendship, and it was here that Allan encountered Lancia. Bruce’s vast experience with Ferrari F1 cars led to a love of Italian autos, including Lancias, of which he owned several fine examples. Known as The Master Mechanic, Bruce mentored Allan on the fine engineering behind Italian performance, taking Allans skill from quick rally crewman to precise, uncompromising craftsman.


Together with Alexandra Gorringe, Lancia enthusiast, avid petrolhead (and future wife!) Allan started Carteroni. From 1997, Allan began specialising in Lancia Betas, creating a business with Alex that gained nationwide respect for their expertise and quality. The next 16 years chronicled Carteroni’s dedication to Lancia, their incredible restorations and 3 day touring rallies, bringing together a previously silent Lancia family in NZ. Up until the final days of 2012, Carteroni were known as The Lancia Beta Specialists. Set with the desire to re-create one of Lancia’s most capable rally machines, as seen in their youth on the New Zealand Rally in the early 80’s, team Carteroni started a new project. In 2013, Carteroni’s first Rallye 037, marked 001, was born. 

Carteroni 037 : 001

To create a true 037 replica is not an easy task. Yet again, Allan found himself pursuing rallying, and this time, Lancia, on an international level. With help from talented friends, Carteroni began researching 037 design, sourcing information from Australia and Italy. Carteroni’s Beta collection gave them a good start point, using a Montecarlo tub, Allan was able to painstakingly recreate the spaceframe, cockpit, and suspension setup seen on the iconic Group B machine. For those who have driven 001, the reports are nothing but astounding; that such a machine may uphold the utter precision and capability of the original remains a testament to Carteroni’s skill. In retrospective, it was fortunate that Carteroni chose to build an 037 over any other Group B Lancia- for the 037’s ergonomic and intuitive setup has allowed drivers of all experience levels the opportunity to experience Group B in their own stride. Now 7 years old, our first 037 remain in active service, as a rally car, track car, and testbed for our manufacturing process and motor development.

Carteroni 001

USA: Carteroni 003

No product sees success without the first buyer: the early adopter. For us, this person is Michael O’Hara, an automotive connoisseur and 037 lover since Group B itself. After scouring the internet for 037 builders, Michael found us. Michael’s ambitious goal was one which Carteroni relished; to build a full rolling chassis so accurate to the original, that it was like a trueborn sibling to the Group B cars. In 003, Carteroni was able to refine the processes used in 001, creating a more polished product, and finding new build methods. Michael’s journey with us has culminated in new friendships, and an increased focus on the potential for our 037 recreations. Now safely delivered to the United States, Michael reports that “the finished car will exceed my expectations and give the Italian builders something to think about.” Read more about Michael’s car here.

Carteroni: Bespoke 037 Recreations

Words by Connie Carteroni.

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